I. Port of Bizerte- Manzel Bourguiba

The port of Bizert, is a multi-purpose port, located in the north of the country (Position: 37 ° 16 'N - 9 ° 53'E). This port deals mainly with oil traffic.
The main features:
Number of platforms:
- 10 berths
- Draft from 9m to 10.5m
- Total Linear Wharf: 1300m
- 14 stores with a total area of 8680m2
- Landings: 22Ha
Port restrictions:
- LOA: 250 m
- Width: no restriction
- TEMax: 9.75m allowed
- The entry and the departure of ships/vessels depend on the opening of the mobile bridge
Opening time: 5am at 5:30 and 19:30 with the possibility to open from 20h in case of need.

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