1.Maritime Agency & Ship Consignment

Our shipping agency services are offered for all types of ships and for any kind of merchandise. We have an excellent working relationship with several ship-owners and we offer our services to a number of charterers such as trading companies, importers and / or exporter groups and several industrial companies.

Whenever your ship is called to serve a Tunisian port we undertake and commit to offer you:

• All useful information on the port to be served (draft, Port equipment, means of handling, etc.) before finalizing the Charter contract,
• competitive disbursement accounts,
• A time optimization of the ship’s call,
• Continuous information accompanied by permanent ship’s assistance 7/7 days 24 hours, holidays included,
• Rapid dispatch of documents and the ship's stopover account. A transfer credit balance without delay for ship-owners,
• Cover of all crew and ship needs (transfer, health, refueling, putting on spare parts, repair, etc.)

In a maritime environment that is very competitive and constantly changing, saving time and/or money is an added value for our customer.

2.Port Logistics

With its strong partnership with one of the leading companies in stevedoring and handling (STAM: (Stevedore & consignee of the cargo Tunisian seaports)
Logistica shipping provides its partners with the following services:
• Assistance in storage and transportation of goods to the Tunisian port
• Analyzing and realizing of operations of landing / boarding and transporting the "project cargo" and "heavy-lift cargo"
• Assistance and supervision of loading and discharging of goods at ports.
We offer our customers versatile international "Door to Door" transport services.

3.Freight Forwarding & Door To Door Solutions

LOGISTICA SHIPPING offers its customers a range of international transport services also known as DOOR TO DOOR services, which meet all their needs with a simple and competitive pricing structure.
• Maritime transport :
Less than a container load: LCL
After a case-by-case study in the interest of its partners, LOGISTICA SHIPPING offers fast, competitive and reliable LCL services.
Transport full container (FCL):
Our agreements signed and privileged relationships with first class shipping companies helps us to offer our partners full-container transport services with an excellent transit time / price / quality while enjoying the TRACKING & reactivity needed.
• Air transport :
With our direct relationships with the airlines, LOGISTICA SHIPPING offers a full range of air cargo services with a daily distribution guaranteed to/from major airports.
• Road Transport:
We provide road transport:
- As part of multimodal logistics for international operations.
- To honor the special needs of our customers in Tunisia.
• Customs clearance:
- Export or import formalities
- Standard or specific operations under economic regimes (development or temporary).
- drafting and maintaining of records and archives
- analyzing and consulting to realize savings on duties and taxes
- Direct connections with the customs system.

Logistica Shipping

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